Daily and Expedited Copies

Whether you need daily or expedited final transcripts or what is referred to as a dirty draft (realtime draft) or a rough draft, Appalachian Court Reporting can meet your needs with the accuracy and speed that you can count on. What is a dirty draft (realtime draft) or a rough draft and is there a difference? Yes. A dirty draft, (realtime draft), has had no editing done to it prior to delivery, A rough draft will have a very quick edit done to it before delivery. Appalachian reporters are able to provide within a few minutes after a proceeding ends, supplied by e-mail, jump drive, CD, a dirty draft (realtime draft), or a rough draft of specific testimony or a day of testimony. This is not the certified transcript but is a great tool to be used when you need quick and accurate recall of testimony. When you have need of this type of service, give us a call in advance so we can help you in deciding which type of service will best meet your needs